Why Art Photography?

  • What makes photography art? | Flore Zoé | TEDxDenHelder
  • Harold Feinstein :: Is Photography Art?
  • Why Sony is absolutely KILLING it right now
  • The Art of Portrait Photography | Off Book | PBS Digital Studios
  • Is This Art Photography Any Good? – Take it or Leave it with Bruce Gilden
  • Landscape Photography – The Fine Line of Fine Art
  • Is Photography An Art?
  • 7 Reasons Why a 50mm Lens Is All You Need for Great Photography
  • The Art of SELF PORTRAITS in Photography

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Product Description

The second edition of Why Art Photography? is an updated, expanded introduction to the ideas behind today’s striking photographic images. Lively, accessible discussions of key issues such as ambiguity, objectivity, fiction, authenticity, and photography’s expanding field are supplemented with new material around timely topics such as globalization, selfie culture, and photographers’ use of advanced digital technologies, including CGI and virtual reality.

The new edition includes:

an expanded introduction

extended chapters featuring emerging trends

a larger selection of images, including new color images

an improved and expanded bibliography.

This new edition is essential for students looking to enrich their understanding of photography as a complex and multi-faceted art form.

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