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Spider-Verse Review

Spider-Verse Review


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    “A Enjoyable, Epic, Spider-Man Story! ”

    Spider-Verse collects Amazing Spider-Man nos. 7-15, Superior Spider-Man nos. 32-33, Spider-Verse nos. 1-2, Spider-Verse Team-Up nos. 1-3, Scarlet Spiders nos. 1-3, Spider-Woman nos. 1-4, Spider-Man 2099 nos. 5-8, and Free Comic Book Day 2014 Guardians of the Galaxy no. 1. The story focuses on a family called the Inheritors who seek those with spider powers (known as â$œtotemsâ$) across the multiverse to feed on them. On of them, Morlun, first arose during J. Michael Straczynskiâ$™s early 2000s run on Amazing Spider-Man. The story also has elements from his storyline â$œThe Otherâ$ and out of Araña: Heart of this Spider.Spider-Verse is a fun, innovative new Spider-Man tale that weaves strands out of the last ten years or a lot of comics alongside different entertaining alternate universes (some of which contain versions of Spider-Man out of his own past, like the multi-armed Spider-Man or clone Ben Reilly) that feels like a good occasion for the character. Before, some Spider-Man events were too rushed (such as â$œOne More Dayâ$) or far too long (like the â$œClone Sagaâ$). This manages to strike the balance that is ideal and also allows some of the fun elements to shine through, like Spider-Ham. Plus, it helped launch Spider-Gwen and Silk. My only gripe about this volume is the editors present the tales that are tie-in from Spider-Verse Team-Up, Scarlet Spiders, Spider-Woman, Spider-Man 2099 following the main storyline has finished, rather than placing them following the issues where they are cross-referenced by writers. It would be much more coherent volume if they did without those feeling like add-ons (though a number appear in their own trade paperback format under their own names).If you desire to have an epic Spider-Man narrative which has a lot of heart, a great deal of imagination, and helps solve some of the continuity issues from the 2000s, this is the book for you.

    Spider-Verse Review | 0785190368 Review


    “Guilty Pleasure”

    Up there with the finest of Slotts Spider-Man run. He makes it look simple presenting a persuasive high-concept (all the Spider-Men youve ever seen teaming-up!) That builds off many years of his own run, meaningfully ties-in all the additional Spider-Family ongoing names, and homages to some of the amazing Spider chapters of yester-year (in this instance, Another from JMSs run in the 2000s). The artwork is carried by coipel as always but Camuncolli retains up with him better than I anticipated. A great deal of entertaining bonus material. I didnt mind the non-chronological purchase because the truth is, even if you read it through you receive a well-paced narrative followed by what can be outlined as bonus material. It’d be a jumbled mess using interrupted main story and a meandering and repetitive prologue accompanied by an unevenly paced if it were chronological. I strongly recommend the five-issue Edge of Spider-Verse comprising Spider-Gwen along with others to complete this collection.

    Spider-Verse Review | 0785190368 Review



    Rory Regan was the lucky one. He escaped the mission with his life.Now this battle-scarred war veteran has returned…

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