Monday , July 16th 2018
The Story of Rosa Parks

The Story of Rosa

An approachable way to introduce young children to this important civil rights figure This little book of only about…

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Tomboy: A Graphic Memoir

Tomboy: A Graphic

Growing up, Liz Prince wasn't a girly girl, dressing in pink tutus or playing Pretty Pretty princess like the…

Price : 15.19
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Korean Children’s Favorite Stories

Korean Children’s Favorite

This colorfully illustrated multicultural Korean children's book presents Indian fairy tales and other folk stories—providing insight into a vibrant…

Price : 15.16
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Magic Pickle Graphic Novel

Magic Pickle Graphic

The full-color graphic novel version of the Magic Pickle legend! Magic Pickle, or "Weapon Kosher," as his creator, Dr.…

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From the creator of the award-winning ITV series Prime Suspect, starring Helen Mirren, comes the fascinating back story of…

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So Much!


Auntie and Uncle and Nannie and Gran-Gran and all the cousins want to hug and kiss the new baby—they…

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