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52 Sleepless Nights: Thriller, suspense, mystery, and horror short stories

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    Amazon-Bestselling Horror CollectionWinner of Reddit's /Nosleep Horror AwardDid you know that Heaven keeps a prisoner? You'll get to meet him soon.  Or that the Grim Reaper's Scythe isn't there to harvest you? It's really to protect you against something on your journey. I still don't think that's as bad as the…
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Amazon-Bestselling Horror Collection

Winner of Reddit’s /Nosleep Horror Award

Did you know that Heaven keeps a prisoner? You’ll get to meet him soon.  

Or that the Grim Reaper’s Scythe isn’t there to harvest you? It’s really to protect you against something on your journey. 

I still don’t think that’s as bad as the time I threw a suicide watching party, or when my sex doll wouldn’t stop crying though. Then there was that road trip where we saw the same hitchhiker at every stop for the last hundred miles…  

This is a huge collection of 52 psychological horror and supernatural horror stories, second volume to the Amazon-Bestselling horror collection: 51 Sleepless Nights.     

Inside You’ll Find:

  • Angels and Demons

  • Serial Killers and Assassins 

  • Aliens and Monsters

  • Undead and Mad Experiments

  • Supernatural and paranormal horror 

  • An Angry Midget dressing up as a little girl to catch pedophiles. (Why not?) 

  • …and so much more!


I wasn’t ready when I died.

The first illusion death stole from me was that my body was designed to perceive the universe around me. This is incorrect. The primary function of your senses is to stop yourself from experiencing the universe, whose infinite information would otherwise overwhelm and madden you. Eyes that once simplified the world into finite wavelengths of color closed for the last time, and then I saw everything. Ears once deaf to cosmic music sung by the birth of stars, the communal heartbeat of the human race, and the haunting pop of each collapsing universe now concealed them no longer.

Even the distinction between senses decayed alongside my corporal prison. Starlight was a symphony that bathed me in warmth, and the heat in turn sang with such melodic iridescence that I was thrall to its majesty. It’s impossible to measure how long I existed in such a state, but by gradual degrees I learned to separate my own thoughts from the medley of existence. The moment I began to comprehend my own internal voice, I became aware of a second voice that was not my own.
-Heaven Keeps a Prisoner

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